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Building Sustainable Agricultural value chains among smallholder farmers

The Green Generation believes that value chain establishment is key to developing smallholder farmer engagement as it demonstrates the roles of each actor and how each can function to ensure success along the value chain. We establish in farming communities; value chains for agricultural commodities and support the farmers with capacity to maintain relationships with actors to ensure increase in income.

Environmental protection

Climate change is ravaging our world and man must develop ways to mitigate the effects so that we can have a safe and habitable environment for generations to come.

The Green Generation works with farmers and young students to transfer climate smart technologies that will improve and sustain the environment.

Capacity development of youth and women in agri-entrepreneurship

Empowering young farmers clubs in secondary schools in south-western Nigeria with skills in production, bio-pesticide formulation and bio-fertilizer technologies. We provide training and support market access for schools and women involved in vegetable production.

Our Key Objectives

  • To promote the interest of the students studying agriculture, by empowering them with inputs and skills necessary for production, post harvest and marketing.
  • To demonstrate that young people can positively contribute to their nation’s food production and the world through their individual or combined efforts.
  • To boost production of vegetables through improving capacity of smallholder farmers and developing sustainable value chains.
  • To empower young people to participate in the SDG goals 1,2,3 and 5 by contributing to end hunger and poverty in all forms and ensure dignity , gender equality and nutritional livelihood improvement.
  • To contribute to SDG goal on the planet; to protect our planets’ natural resources and climate for future generations.