Smallholder farmer engagements

1. Innovation platform establishment in farming communities in South-western Nigeria
2. Cooperative development and training workshops
3. On-field training: transferring research results to the field
4. Value chain development and partnerships

The project has currently reached at least 5,000 farmers in direct trainings and over 20,000 people indirectly through farmer-farmer knowledge exchange and household empowerment. The project targets to reach at least 100,000 farmers by 2018 improving capacity, incomes and livelihoods.

Youth Engagements

1. Training young entrepreneurs on vegetable production
2. Training Secondary School teachers on establishing and sustaining Young farmers club

The initiative aspires to reach all indigent secondary schools (public) all over Nigeria to empower the agricultural students with the skills needed to prepare them to be equipped to tackle future challenges in agriculture. To date, this program has engaged with 40 secondary schools and inspiring at least 2000 young agricultural students to create new champions for agriculture, improve productivity in a conservative ways to sustain the soil, increase improve incomes and provide better livelihoods.