Vegetables On The Move

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October 1, 2015
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March 7, 2016

Vegetables On The Move

ften times people wonder why there are lots of leaves in the environment , but just a few of these green leaves are eaten as vegetables. Well, the reason behind this is not far-fetched as it can be linked to what I liken to Lamarck’s law of use and disuse, which explains that the part of the body that is been used tend to develop over time while the unused parts remain dormant.

From the illustration above, it can simply be put that the number of species of vegetables currently available for human consumption in the market greatly depends on the affinity, exploitation and utilization of the loads of vegetable species available in the wild. Meaning that the vegetables currently consumed in most Nigerian household are the lucky species that has gained recognition and acceptance by humans which has given rise to their  optimum and consistent use in most Nigerian homes. 

Creative Director, instructing the DKC officers during the training session in Ibadan TGGI’s 
Considering the geometric increase in human population paralleled with an arithmetic increase in the vegetable production to meeting the vitamins and minerals requirements of human all the year round, can it be said that the limited varieties and quantities of vegetable production will meet human requirements all year round given its irreplaceable value to human health?

n view of this, the MicroVeg project 107983 aimed at Synergizing fertilizer micro-dosing and indigenous vegetable production to enhance food

and economic security of West African farmers, was introduced to Nigeria and is currently been implemented in the six south-western states of the country namely (Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Lagos) and Kwara state in the north central.
he micro-veg project 107983 sponsored by IDRC is been implemented in Nigeria by Osun State University (UNIOSUN)  and Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), both of which are partners in realizing the goals of the project.

The Green Generation Initiative (TGGI) is the private partner currently partnering with UNIOSUN in ensuring the optimal accomplishment of the micro-veg project 107983 especially with meeting its development goals within the stipulated time frame.

Brainstorming session of the DKC officers in group 2, during the training session in Ibadan


Fellow agriculturists, Nigerians and lovers of Africa, kindly feel free to log on to TGGI blog page to get yourself updated on this ground breaking Micro-veg project 107983 and other areas of agriculture, as TGGI has swung into action such as organizing intensive training sessions for the District Knowledge Centers (DKC) officers in the aforementioned states, initiating the grouping and registration of vegetable farmers into various associations,  identifying the locations for the DKC offices in the various states, just to mention of a

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